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Teresa Harper

Help Me to “Really” See the World for the First Time!

Update: Thank you to everyone who has donated to my campaign! I just received my eSight on January 17th and it's been an amazing experience so far. I'm so thankful to have received eSight so soon, but please know that any additional contributions would be greatly appreciated and would be going towards my monthly financing payments for the device. Thank you again to everyone who has already donated, or is thinking of donating, to my campaign for sight.

Can you imagine a mother’s concern and fear when a she finds out her baby girl’s vision was affected by retinal scarring from an infection during her pregnancy?  This is what happened to my Mom and led to my visual impairment.  While growing up I went to school in the mainstream school system and at the time there was not support for those with physical challenges.  My parents became very protective and as a result, I was not able to do things other kids enjoyed.  I eventually transitioned to North Carolina’s state school for the blind.  Here I began learning skills to complete my education and adapt to the world around me. 

I attempted to go to college after graduating but found it too difficult to keep up with the course work due to my visual struggles.  In 1983, I started working at Lions Industries for the Blind as a production worker.  I was promoted to a receptionist’s position in the 1990s and took an Excel course.  With this promotion and newfound love of computers, I obtained my associates degree in Office Systems and went on to graduate from East Carolina University receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Education with a concentration in Information Technology.  Now, I have been promoted and hold many job titles including Administrative Assistant for the Executive Director, Order Processor and Customer Service Representative.

My diminished visual acuity has directly affected my life in many ways.  When my nephew yells, “Look Aunt Di!”, I cannot see why he has become so excited.  I have taken trips to the zoo and have missed out on seeing the animals and the facial expression of awe and wonder on my nephew’s face.  I enjoy attending UNC Chapel Hill basketball games but rely on others to describe to me the play-by-play or try using my phone camera to zoom in on the action.

On July 5, 2018 at Camp Dogwood for the Blind I had the opportunity to try a pair of eSight3 glasses.  For the first time in my life I clearly saw the faces of my friend, read the bottom line on the eye chart and read aloud a passage from a small print Bible.  I felt a wave of overwhelming emotion when I realized I would be able to sit and read a physical book with these glasses.

With a pair of eSight3 glasses I see so much potential for me to fulfill my dreams and improve my everyday activities.  My work performance would improve and I would pursue taking more classes to advance my career even further.  My sense of independence would be greatly enhanced.  I would love to take a train to Florida to visit my Aunt and visit St. Thomas to take in the beauty surrounding me.  I cannot wait to feel the joy of walking into a bookstore and seeing the books on the shelf.  Reaching up as I discover the one book that moves me makes my heart dance with joy.  With eSight3 I will be able to expand my horizons.

Help me make this life-changing technology a reality for me and allow me to see the world in a clearer, more brilliant way.  Every dollar donated will help me reach my goal.  I am asking from my heart for the gift of sight.  Reach into your heart and your pockets and make this happen for me.  I appreciate your donations and opening new doors in my future.

If by chance you still can’t believe a device as incredible as eSight exists, click here to witness a series of magical moments that were created by this breakthrough technology. 

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