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Christopher and Isabella Collins

My Grandchildren Now Have a Future with eSight Glasses

Isabella (Bella), age 10, and Christopher, age 5, were both born with Ocular Albinism, a genetic condition affecting the eyes characterized by impaired sharpness of vision and loss of depth perception.  I clearly remember the day when Bella was born and saying to her, "Open your eyes for MiMi. Look at me Bella.  Open your eyes."  Bella opened her eyes and I saw they were pink.  I looked around the room at the nurses and said, "She's got pink eyes.  This baby has pink eyes."  The nurses told me they were not doctors and not at liberty to diagnose but believed she had albinism.  When I found out my daughter was pregnant the second time we knew Christopher would have a 75% chance of being an albino baby.  When he was born I saw the same pink eyes as Bella.

Due to some very difficult circumstances, I gained custody of Christopher and Bella a little over a year ago.  I have witnessed Christopher walk into our large TV because he could not see it directly in front of him.  Bella will sleep with her glasses on so, "In the morning when I wake up I can see." 


The first week of March 2020 I had an IEP meeting with Mr. Marshall,  Christopher's principal at Joanna-Woodson Elementary School.  During the meeting Mr. Marshall shared about a device called eSight , computerized glasses that help the visually impaired to see, he had heard about at a Lions Convention.  The timing could not have been more perfect as the Lions Club member from North Carolina who was an eSight user and evaluator was going to be in Greenville, SC the coming weekend for the South Carolina District 32S Lions Convention.   Saturday morning, March 7th I witnessed Christopher and Bella see clearly for the first time. (Pictured left: Mr. Marshal, Lion Dr. Mary Sedgwick and Christopher)



Bella easily read from her children's Bible and was excited because she was reading a part of the Bible I had not previously read with her.  Bella walked around the hotel lobby looking all around and kept saying, "Look at all the colors!"  When Christopher tried eSight he could see the whole eye chart, read from his Clifford the Dog book (at arms length) and looked at me sitting about three to four feet away.  He said, "That's my MiMi.  Why is she crying?"  That is something he is not able to see at that distance.  I then witnessed Bella wearing the demo pair and Christopher wearing the evaluator's eSight walking all over the lobby looking at everything and everyone.  Bella even showed Christopher how to use the remote.  That morning was a moment I had always dreamt of happening but never knew how it could.


With the use of eSight, Bella and Christopher will be able to look out at the world, see all its beauty and live lives full of dreams and wonderment.  The whole world will open up for them when they receive their own eSight glasses.  The thought of all they will be able to see and do is very overwhelming AND one of the most wonderful feelings.  I witnessed a miracle happen with both my grandchildren in one morning.

I need your help to make this miracle become a reality.  By making a donation to my grandchildren's fundraising page you will help them receive the gift of sight.  Any amount will make a difference and get us closer to our goal.  You will forever impact their lives and be the reason they will SEE the world.  On the way home from the evaluation Christopher kept asking over and over, "Why can't we bring the glasses home?"  Help us bring the glasses home for both Christopher and Bella.


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