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Tammy Martin

I have reached my goal.  Thank You!

Family is the most important thing to me.  I am a wife, and a mother of two amazing kids.  Parys, my daughter, was in school band and played a number of occasions and festivals.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of it.  I did hear the beauty of the music and the band coming together.  I would have loved to see her face during each performance.  Now that she is older, she is in cadets.  I’m very proud of her for her accomplishments, but unfortunately, I can’t see her do them.  She has been in cadet parades in town and her cadet corps has an annual inspection.  I’m glad I can be there for it, but still, I can’t see her.  I tell her that I am proud of her each time.

My son Ethan, has been in hockey for the past 6 years.  The parents on the teams, each year, have been really good telling me where and when he is on the ice, what plays he has made, and especially when he scores a goal.  I never get to see any of it, but being there for him, is very important to me.  Again, I tell him how proud of him I am after every game. 

I just wish I could see both of my children’s accomplishments, and not just hear them.  They are getting older, and graduation is going to be coming up in the next 3 and 4 years.  I know that I won’t be able to see them walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma. 

I was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.  To help explain my visual impairment, I have to have this document almost touching my nose to read it, because I can’t see the print.  I can’t watch TV without a monocular, and then I don’t see all of the TV.  Going to a restaurant is difficult, because I always have to have someone read the menu to me and memorize it, so they don’t have to keep reading to me over and over.  It takes me a very long time to go shopping, because I can’t see all things on the shelves.  Again, I have to be very close to see what the item is, and the prices.  When I pay for anything using debit, the cashier has to help me, because all debit machines are different.  Finding someone in a crowd is extremely difficult.  When walking around town, I don’t see dips in the sidewalk or always notice stairs, going down. 

My husband, Derek, saw a video on Facebook about a young girl that loved the Calgary Flames and she was wearing eSight.  He showed me the video.  Then, we found more information online about them.  I became more and more excited with each video I saw on YouTube.  The one that touched me the most was the father that never saw any of his family.  He tried eSight and they worked miracles for him.  He finally saw his family.  I laughed, cried, and had many other emotions watching the videos and learning about other people’s stories.  Now, it’s my time.  I would like to be a success story. 

I had a chance to try the eSight glasses, and I was in awe.  It was the most emotional experience I ever had.  I didn’t cry, but I was mesmerized because I could finally see.  I could read print that was not directly in front of my face, I could see different cars in a parking lot, and I could read a sign outside of an elevator, to tell me what floors each business is on.  With eSight, I would be able to overcome many boundaries that I have to face each and every day of my life.  It will open up a world of possibilities for me. 

If you have the ability to donate any amount for me to finally have the chance to ‘see’, I would be grateful.  I truly appreciate you for reading this to learn about what my sight limitations are, and how you will be able to help me.  God bless.

Tammy Martin

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