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Nichole Bronson

              My name is Nichole, and I was born completely blind to a rare disease called Peter's anomaly. When I was 4 months old, I had surgery that improved my eyesight only slightly. Now, I am 29 years old, and I am legally blind, with only a small amount of usable vision. Having vision such as mine has prevented me from doing so many things in life, like working, going to college and most importantly, seeing my daughter. Phenix is 6 years old, and she is my world. The hardest part about living with my vision has been being able to see Phenix. I can't witness her play sports or perform in a school play. I'm only able to read a bedtime story to her if I'm sitting at a desk and reading off of a magnifying machine with my nose almost glued to the screen because I need to be so close. Missing these parts of Phenix's life breaks my heart every single day.
               But, all of this can change with the help of a new technology that I tried just a few months ago. It's called eSight, and it is a pair of electronic glasses that can significantly enhance my vision, to the point of seeing like someone who has regular sight! I only got to test them out for an hour, but they worked like a miracle. I saw my daughter clearly for the first time in my entire life! The problem is, these glasses cost $15,000, and I cannot nearly afford them. But all I know is that if I had these, I'd be able to work, provide for my family, and see Phenix clearly again and always.

Anything that you can contribute to my cause would be deeply appreciated. Even by sharing this page on social media would be a tremendous help. 

Thank you,


(And just in case you still can’t believe a pair of glasses could be so magical, go to www.esighteyewear.com and check out the videos. See how they are changing the lives of so many people with low vision; that’s what I hope to achieve soon.)

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