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Mayan Avitable

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My story: After thirty-three (33) years of teaching for La Mesa-Spring Valley School District (near San Diego, CA), I transitioned into studying and working in various forms of media: local newspapers, websites and writing blogs for businesses. I earned four (4) different certifications in the fields of blogging, social media and digital marketing and began to work in these fields. Last year, as a result of my degenerative eye condition, I had to relinquish my clients for whom I was writing and editing. 

I would love to restore my vision, so as to return to working in media and enjoying my favorite past time of reading! I have Macular Degeneration, as my mother did before me. The year of 2016 to present has proved challenging, as I went from 20-20 vision (after cataracts surgery) to 20-400 vision over a period of approximately one year.  My Ophthalmologist declared me, "legally blind" in March of 2017. This officially stopped my ability to drive and discern objects and details; rendering me dependent upon services and people for everyday tasks.

Presently, navigating the requirements of day-to-day living is challenging at best. Anything from climbing stairs to changing the channel on the remote can prove to be frustrating and at times, impossible. Living alone now means asking for assistance to read my mail, access my banking, discern bills, take care of errands and upkeep, request transportation, and fix household items. If something malfunctions, I am at a loss, as I may not have access to assistance or even notice in a timely manner.


I first learned of eSight in May of 2017 from a friend. From there, I scheduled and attended an eSight demonstration in Los Angeles in August with my son. I was amazed that for the first time in months, I was able to see numbers and letters from across the table! The device allows me to zoom, focus and control the settings on the eSight remote. I grew excited that not only could I see again, but could connect to tablets and other electronic devices to watch movies, videos and other media. Upon leaving the demo, I felt optimistic that I would benefit from using eSight and resuming my usual level of activity. The only challenge now is affording the cost of the eSight device, which is in the neighborhood of $9995. This brings me to why you are reading this. I am humbly requesting the help of the community to allow me to purchase eSight and return to my normal life. 

Whether you donate $1...$1000...or anything in between, every bit helps me in my campaign to see again!  Please spread the word, share and participate in any you can! To learn more about the eSight device and its capabilities, go to www.esighteyewear.com and check out the videos, or message me! eSight is positively changing the lives of many people with low vision and that’s what I wish to achieve soon with your kindness and generosity. Thank you for your care and concern. I look forward to "seeing" you! :) 

Warm Regards,

Mayan Avitable


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