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Liliana Perdomo


My name is Alejandra and my mission, since we found out that eSight was an option, is to help my mother, Liliana, see again. My mother has Stargardt disease (Macular Degeneration), and every day that goes by her vision loss increases. Even though she still works and tries to live as independently as possible, her life as it was ten years ago will never be the same. Over the years I have seen how many of her daily activities are done by memory. From things such as folding her clothes a certain way, putting the spices in her kitchen in a certain order, and memorizing how many steps are in a stairway. She now recognizes her family by our voices and cannot tell the difference between my kids; in fact, she has never been able to see their faces clearly. But what is truly heartbreaking is that no matter what she is still holding on strong and not giving up. 

A couple of months ago, we learned about this wonderful product. I saw the moving videos of people that had lost their vision and after many years were given the opportunity to see again. Just by watching one success story, we were filled with hope that this would be something that would work for her as well. My mom made the appointment, and the day of her birthday she was able to see again. 

What a birthday present that was! I could honestly say that we were all crying. She was able to read my kids' birthday cards for the first time, and what is even more amazing is that she was able to truly see them for the first time. I cannot begin to describe the feeling when you see someone being able to see again. It was surreal, and one beautiful hour where she saw our eyes, she went outside and saw the beautiful colors of the trees and the street, when she was able to see pictures, and signs, and faces. 

Even though this experience was priceless; I would love for it to be more than one experience and become something permanent. The cost of these glasses is more than we can afford on our own. With your generosity, I know it's possible to raise this money and have her sight stop being a luxury and become a reality. Anything would help and, trust me, it would change her life forever.

Thank you in advance to everyone reading this, and I truly hope you could help me!

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