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I first learned about eSight glasses at the CSUN assistive technology conference held in San Diego, CA, the end of February 2017.  Honestly, I was attracted to them for their "virtual reality" goggle look.  But then, I tried them on.  I looked across the aisle and read some words.  My parents and I could not believe it.  We all knew that I never could have seen those words without the eSight glasses.

It would be amazing to be able to experience seeing the board at school like my classmates do and be able to read music notes while playing my instruments.  I play four instruments and sing, and it has always been impossible for me to read normally sized music notes.  eSight would offer me the opportunity to not have my notes enlarged 10x or more to learn new music. Having eSight glasses would give me a chance to play my instruments without the need to constantly squint and struggle and lose proper form because I'm having to lean in to the music stand to see even enlarged music notes.

I try my best and do well academically.  However, I cannot see the board in the classroom -- even from the front row.  My current CCTV (closed circuit tv to make the board accessible) broke in February.  My school district has tried many "bandaid" fixes for me to see the board for the remainder of this school year.  They have finally just expected me to use my personal iPhone to see the board in my math class. My other classes are not as board-intensive and do not demand that I see equations and examples written on a whiteboard.  However, I am proud to say that I am in an advanced/high school level math course.  Math has always been my favorite subject.  Honestly, this year, since my CCTV broke, I have had to learn by listening in a math class, and that has not been easy.

Since I can't see the white board from any point in the classroom, eSight glasses would change my world entirely in school.  eSight glasses would help me see the board from a distance, they would help me read my papers, and they would even help me see my computer.  I would be able to have access to the same things at the same time as my classmates, which I do not have now.

My life, if I were to reach my goal and be able to call a pair of eSight Eyewear my own, would be… truly a dream come true.

I can’t say thank you enough for anything you may give to this journey of mine and help me achieve my goals.

Please donate to allow me to see the simple things.

The photo directly above is me running a 3000m PR at 10:05 on June 3, 2017.  

Below is a photo of me and Josiah Jamison, a Gold Paralympic medalist, who let me borrow his medal so I could get the taste of victory.  I hope to be there someday!

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