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Emma Stein

test%2F1515004806792-IMG_3069.jpgWe would have never believed you if you told us only a few years ago that there were a pair of glasses that could help Emma see clearly. But, and I still can’t comprehend it’s real, eSight can give her what we have so deeply yearned for. We want Emma to see the world as it sees her. And you can help us turn this dream into a reality by helping raise the money for an incredible technology: eSight Eyewear.

Emma is a fun loving beautiful 14 year old teenager that was born with Aicardi Syndrome. Aicardi syndrome is a rare genetic malformation syndrome characterized by the partial or complete absence of the corpus callosum in the brain, the presence of retinal abnormalities, and seizures in the form of infantile spasms.
test%2F1515004895462-IMG_2805.jpgWhen Emma was born we had no idea anything was wrong with her. At the age of about 3 months we noticed Emma didn't really look at us, but seemed to look through us. We were referred to an infant eye specialist. During that visit we got the news that Emma was blind and we were sent to a specialist at the University of Miami. During her visit in Miami Emma was diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome. It was devastating news to think our beautiful daughter had this incredibly difficult life in front of her. There were 100's if not 1000's of people praying for Emma. 


Prayers were answered and Emma progressed extremely well. She was exceeding all the doctors expectations and didn't have any seizures. We noticed that she was reaching for toys and wasn't blind as first suggested. Emma has had two surgeries to adjust the muscles in her eyes. She's legally blind and needs visual aids to get through her day. Emma has other deficiencies including microcephaly that have put her behind for her age. She doesn't let any of this get her down or take away her happy.

test%2F1515005340094-IMG_2935.jpgEmma loves watching television, looking at books, playing with her cat, and drawing but she has to have everything within inches of her face to see them.  She always wants to go to the movies and plays, but she misses most of it because she can't see what's happening. Emma misses many interaction opportunities during the day because she just can't see them like we do. The technology of eSight Eyewear will open up the world to Emma in a way that she or we could ever imagine. We continue to be blessed every day with Emma and want to provide her with everything we can to make her life as normal as possible.

Her life, if we're to reach the goal and be able to call a pair of eSight Eyewear her own, would be… infinite.

We can’t say thank you enough for anything you may give to this journey of hers.

And just in case you still can’t believe a pair of glasses could be so magical, go to www.esighteyewear.com and check out the videos. See how they are changing the lives of so many people with low vision; that’s what I hope to achieve soon.

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