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People can now see thanks to your generosity
Allen Hester

I would have never believed you if you told me only a few years ago that there were a pair of glasses that could help me see clearly again. But, and I still can’t comprehend it’s real, eSight can give me what I have so deeply yearned for. All I want is to see the world as it sees me. And you can help me turn my dream into a reality by helping me raise the money for an incredible technology: eSight Eyewear.

To be honest with you, I don’t even want eSight so I can go on some extravagant adventures or witness a special event. But, that would be a nice little added bonus.

Truthfully, I need eSight so I can again begin living life the way it was meant to be lived. I just want to be able to experience the things we all take for granted. To watch a movie with my family and friends, read a book, see the faces of all you amazing people reading this and thinking about donating, or just see my own smile again.

My life, if I were to reach my goal and be able to call a pair of eSight Eyewear my own, would be… infinite.

I can’t say thank you enough for anything you may give to this journey of mine.

And just in case you still can’t believe a pair of glasses could be so magical, go to www.esighteyewear.com and check out the videos. See how they are changing the lives of so many people with low vision; that’s what I hope to achieve soon.

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